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Why Repair?
At KPS we recognise that not everyone is in a position to replace their existing windows. Whether this is due to cost, wanting to maintain the integrity of a particular building or the building in question being listed or part of a conservation area

If your windows are in a reasonable condition, we supply a wide range of services from simple refurbishment to full repairs. In some cases it is even possible to fit Thin-light glazing, which has the aesthetic qualities of original single glazing, but all the benefits of modern double glazing.

This work is most effective on box sash windows which due to their age and design can suffer from the following-

-Draughts and/or rattling sashes
-Broken or rotten timbers
-Poor fitting sashes allowing noise and dust to penetrate inside
-Unbalanced or hard to open sashes

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At KPS our refurbishment services include-

-Replacement Sashes
-Replacement sash cords and weight or spring balances
-Replacement of rotten timber (either using traditional scarfing methods or the modern alternative of resin repairs
-Replacement glass (both double and single glazing)
-Fitting of thinlite units (dependant on sash thickness)
-Draught stripping (although due to the design 100% draught proofing is not possible on box sash windows all of our customers say it has made a big difference)
-Fitting of window locks and replacement furniture

Sometimes it is not possible to repair or refurbish, whether the damage is too extensive or it is not a viable cost option. We will advise you on the best options and if this is the case our like for like replacement service can ensure your property is looking its best for many years to come